October 11, 2016 | Coshamie
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#CoshamieMet: Studio deFORM

AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH FOUNDERS VÁCLAV MLYNÁŘ AND JAKUB POLLÁG: They are young. They are extremely ambitious and ridiculously talented. But most importantly, they have a wonderful vision of the future in design and technology in our lives. Václav Mlynář and Jakub Pollág founded Studio deFORM in 2011, while they were still students at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. The Studio later moved to London, where the designer duo continued their studies at the Royal College of Art. They’ve worked with some exquisite labels as individual creatives (Buster+Punch), and they’ve built an impressive client portfolio through their design practice (Lasvit, Okolo, Nike, Heineken, Bomma and Fiat, to name but a few). Most importantly, they’ve broken boundaries and...

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#CoshamiePeek: Richard Miers

INSIGHTS FROM THE MESMERISING WORLD OF GARDEN DESIGN: They say that if you want to be happy for a lifetime, you should plant a garden. Following that ethos, Richard Miers Garden Design has built a reputation across the UK for its bespoke landscaping prowess, bringing dramatic movement and powerful contrasts to outdoor spaces in order to create tranquil and inspiring scenes that improve one’s existence. In his quest to create beautiful, relaxing and memorable gardens for his clients, founder and designer Richard Miers brings the pre-existing style of the house and its surroundings together with his unique touch and flair for symmetry. More often than not, his garden projects can be classified as works of art, deeply rooted in thousands of...

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