October 31, 2016 | Coshamie
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INCREDIBLE SCULPTURES DESCRIBING SCENTS: Curiosity has always been the principal driver behind Laboratory Perfumes and their quest for new and exceptional scents – mainly a curiosity over what would happen if they combine one note with another, and how they can transform it further by adding a third or a fourth in the mix. And we’ve repeatedly found ourselves fascinated by the different reactions of people to a particular aroma. Everyone’s response to scent is different, shaped by a lifetime of memories and unconscious associations. [caption id="attachment_3515" align="aligncenter" width="266"] ©ILKA+FRANZ for ZETTELER/LABORATORY PERFUMES[/caption] In clinical cases of amnesia, the sense of smell is the one most relied-upon by scientists and therapists when attempting to retrieve lost memories. In the very basic case of human...

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THE ULTIMATE LIGHTING STATEMENT: Looking back at the last two millennia alone, it’s easy to understand why the term ‘Chinese world domination’ is not as abstract as the western world might hope. We’re not aiming for anything dark or ominous here, don’t get us wrong – but it’s time to reaffirm the Chinese culture for what it is: a cornucopia of incredible artistic and scientific contributions that have shaped humanity into what it is today. The masterminds behind paper, gunpowder, alcohol, the production of tea and silk, the mechanical clock and the compass, to name but a few, have given the world an incredible set of tools that stand witness to Homo Sapiens Sapiens’ industrious and innovative nature. [caption id="attachment_3507" align="aligncenter" width="500"]...

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