November 7, 2016 | Coshamie
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NEW ABSTRACT PAINTINGS FROM THE PARIS-BORN TALENT: From 25th November 2016 until 4th February 2017, Waddington Custot’s gallery on Cork Street will hold Fabienne Verdier’s first solo exhibition in London, featuring large-scale abstract paintings produced over the last year. These include work from the ‘Walking Paintings’ series, alongside a new group of paintings, ‘Rhythms and Reflections’, which mark a noteworthy change of direction for the artist. [caption id="attachment_3701" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Fabienne Verdier’s suspended painting technique (Photo Credit: Waddington Custot)[/caption] As a painter known for combining an Eastern artistic education with the tradition of Western art, Verdier’s work is characterised by bold gestural compositions relying on a number of techniques developed over the past thirty years. In an intensely physical process, Verdier uses painting...

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STUNNING DESIGN & FLAWLESS SERVICE ONCE AGAIN BECOME THE NORM A great hotel has to give a good reason to visit – from design to service and everything in between. An exceptional hotel will provide an additional pull if it sports a restaurant good enough to sway people from their old favourites or the super-popular ‘mainstream’ brands splattered all over online travel guides. And for far too long, hotel restaurants were stuck with a stigma that was difficult to shake off. Many hotel guests, when faced with a choice of where to eat, they will most likely choose a standalone venue rather than a hotel restaurant. But in recent years, the tables have turned. [caption id="attachment_3695" align="aligncenter" width="500"] The Winter Garden at...

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INNOVATIVE FUSED GLASS TECHNIQUES + BEAUTIFUL ECLECTIC DESIGNS: During our visit to DECOREX this year we stumbled onto some of the most beautiful decorative glass panels we’d seen in a while, handcrafted by Jo Downs. Based in Cornwall, England, Ms Downs has become one of the world’s most respected fused glass designers, best known for her idyllic and eclectic themes translated into both decorative elements and bespoke interior projects. [caption id="attachment_3663" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Jo Downs in her Cornwall studio (Photo Credit: Jo Downs Handmade Glass)[/caption] Her work draws inspiration from the beautiful coastal landscapes nearby, and her advanced fusion techniques help create abstract designs of great individuality and depth. The popular Jo Downs giftware line is popular not only for its delicate design,...

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