December 2, 2016 | Coshamie
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THE FASHION ICON THAT INSPIRES ARTISTS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS ALIKE Few women have had an impact such as Kate Moss on contemporary art and photography. Discussing her global influence on the fashion world at this point would be redundant, as we’ve all heard the name and have seen those prominent cheekbones and that piercing gaze headlining titanic fashion campaigns. Born in Surrey and discovered as a model at the green age of fourteen, Kate Moss arrived at the end of the ‘supermodel’ era, rising to fame in the early ‘90s and becoming an icon of the ‘heroin chic’ fashion trend at the century’s end instead. [caption id="attachment_4111" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Kate Moss, by Terry O’Neill[/caption] Her first photoshoots at sixteen exuded ‘dirty realism’, as Corinne Day...

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A WEEKLY CURATED SELECTION OF WEEKLY NEWS FROM ARCHITECTS, DESIGNERS & ARTISTS WORLDWIDE: Every week, we collate information from press releases and articles across the worldwide web in order to give you a curated selection of hot news from the wonderful world of art, design and architecture. Scroll down and find out more about what’s been happening this week. ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS PUBLISH AN OPEN LETTER AGAINST DIRECTOR PATRIK SCHUMACHER’S INCENDIARY STATEMENT: Following Patrik Schumacher’s call for social housing and public space to be scrapped during his speech at the World Architecture Festival in Berlin in November, Zaha Hadid’s friends and family have disowned the ZHA’s Director’s statement through a heartfelt open letter. Rana Hadid, Peter Palumbo and Brian Clarke – trustees of...

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