May 4, 2017 | Coshamie
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TALKING ART & ITS FUTURE WITH THE FORMER MINISTER FOR CULTURE, COMMUNICATIONS & CREATIVE INDUSTRIES: Ed Vaizey is a very familiar name for those of us involved in the world of arts, particularly in the United Kingdom, where Mr Vaizey was Minister for Culture, Communications & Creative Industries between 2010 and 2016. A vocal supporter of the arts in the UK, he has also served as a Minister in the Department for Culture and Department for Business since 2014, focusing on the digital industries. A regular media columnist and political commentator, Mr Vaizey has contributed comment pieces for The Guardian since 1998, along with editorials for the London Evening Standard. We recently spoke to the former Minister for Culture, in light of...

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DISCOVERING HOW INSTAGRAM’S NEW ALGORITHM WORKS & HOW YOUR DESIGN BRAND CAN GET THE MOST OUT OF IT: If you’ve got a design brand on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed some changes in the way the platform works for engagement. If you don’t, stop wasting time in all the wrong places and unlock the power of social for your business. The Instagram algorithm, like Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm, has undergone some significant tweaks, and its entire process is mysterious yet excellent at showing the best content to most users. Chances are that if you’re publishing good content, more followers and non-followers will get to see it. There are several factors that might be playing a part in your content’s ranking on your followers’ feed. So,...

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