May 11, 2017 | Coshamie
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AN EXHIBITION CELEBRATION THE CULTURAL IMPACT OF THE ICONIC BAND: Pink Floyd, the V&A Museum and Iconic Entertainment Studios have teamed up for “Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains”, an exhibition set to open 13th May at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. [caption id="attachment_5590" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Metal Heads, a recreation of Pink Floyd’s album art for The Division Bell at the V&A. Photograph: Tim P Whitby/Getty Images[/caption] The multimedia celebration of the band’s cultural impact on the world since the release of their first single “Arnold Layne” in 1967 consists of a comprehensive study of Pink Floyd’s 50 years of live rock performance and the 200 million records sold in the process. The exhibition was announced last year on 31st August outside the...

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EXPLORING THE WOOL MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD: The vicuña is one of the rare, smaller members of the camel family, indigenous to the Peruvian Andes. A long time ago, it was a sacred animal, revered by the Incas for its incredibly soft, sun-coloured fleece. Only Inca royalty were permitted to wear garments made from vicuña, with over three million of these doe-eyed animals grazing the rocky Andes at the time. But, as is always the case when the “civilised Westerners” come in, the Spanish conquistadors invaded the South American continent and discovered the beautiful vicuña with their precious fleece in the Andes. Instead of shearing them like reasonable men with an entrepreneurial spirit, the conquistadors took to guns and started hunting the...

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