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Taking place from 7th until 25th June at East Street, Elephant & Castle in London, the ‘Beyond Borders’ exhibition will present Architecture Open proposals identified by the selection panel as particularly strong works, inviting participants to exhibit images and small models meant to communicate their innovative conceptions.

The arrival of summer in London also marks RIBA’s habit of giving practicing architects and students the opportunity to display their ideas and projects through the Architecture Open.

Coshamie events beyond borders architecture open at elephant and castle

Image Credit: Anna Parker

Architecture has always been an international discipline, its purpose and ethos reaching beyond and between borders, its discourse always aimed at both function and form.

This year’s open-call theme is titled ‘Beyond Borders’, prompting RIBA to exhibit architectural works that redefine the thresholds dividing nations, communities and families, while considering the possibilities of globalization and shared boundaries on all scales – from domestic to local and global.

Coshamie events beyond borders architecture open at elephant and castle

Image Credit: Francis Ware

Borders are psychological and/or physical barriers, generally regarded as either positive or negative separations of space. A border is able to define or divide – an invitation to enter or a warning that a limit is reached. It can generate peace or fear amongst people, confirm where we belong as individuals of a nation or challenge our identity altogether.

The lines we draw on a map can mark a frontier even where there is no actual, physical border between two countries. At the same time, walls and fences are built across and between nations, sometimes for the purpose of safety but often as a statement of power.

In smaller scales, we see borders in the form of fences that divide gardens and also enable conversations between neighbours; the screens that don’t hide much from colleagues in an open-plan office; the thin plastic curtains between hospital beds that aim to provide patients with some kind of privacy, and so on.

Coshamie events beyond borders architecture open at elephant and castle

Image Courtesy: RIBA London

As today’s world unfolds with great economic, social and political uncertainty, as countries shift their central policies for or against specific beliefs, habits and entire minorities, it seems like a good time to reach beyond these borders and address the shared tensions and aspirations of our society.

Offering space for this exhibition, Studio Gil and Carnaval del Pueblo, an eminent architecture practice and a community group currently working together in the development of three vacant shop units on East Street, Elephant & Castle through an extensive partnership with the Peabody Trust. Carnaval del Pueblo are hoping to deliver community classes in entrepreneurship, set to launch later this year in August.

Coshamie events beyond borders architecture open at elephant and castle

Ecuadorian dress during Carnaval del Pueblo, London (Image Courtesy: Migreat Blog)

One of these shop units will be temporarily configured as an exhibition space, designed by Studio Gil with RIBA for ‘Beyond Borders’ in June.

The event will feature Carnaval del Pueblo and Latin Elephant as community partners, and Consentino is the official sponsor of Architecture Open. For more details about the exhibition, have a look at RIBA’s website.

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