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More Is Not Always Better

Why choosing a boutique marketing agency is better than going for a corporate agency.  Hi there. You must be an artist in need of a specific type of marketing service to boost your sales, or an interior designer whose business needs launching or revitalizing. Or maybe you're a [eltdf_highlight background_color="white" color="#f8af86"]furniture & decor manufacturer[/eltdf_highlight] looking to introduce new services and products to a market that is in desperate need for something new and original. Whichever of the above, you need a hefty amount of quality marketing and good social media engagement to get your business to take off successfully and target the right clientele. Chances are you're standing at a crossroad right now, wondering whether you should go for a big...

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What makes a great interior designer even greater?

If you try to explore the relationship between interior designers and marketing agencies, you will easily come to the same conclusion as we did when we started COSHAMIE: the answer to the question above encompasses a good marketing and social media strategy, provided by a marketing agency that doesn't only know what it's doing in its own field, it also understands and ultimately adores the art of interior design. [eltdf_highlight background_color="white" color="#f8af86"]Anyone can slap on a generic branding and social media strategy, and say that if this doesn't work, then there's probably something wrong with the brand or the designer's choice of clientele - both horribly wrong arguments and often used by the bigger boys of advertising and marketing agencies,...

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