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America is generally a cornucopia of incredible talent when it comes to design. In recent years, one name has made the rounds in the global spotlight, thanks to her global luxury lifestyle approach and norm-shattering design philosophy: Kelly Wearstler.

Known for her artful yet edgy compositions and high-profile clients on the West Coast and beyond, Kelly has built an impressive brand, as an author, fashion and design influencer, decorator and muse – as described by Architectural Digest.

Coshamie's Design Pick: Kelly Wearstler home décor

Image Courtesy: Kelly Wearstler

Her Melrose Avenue flagship boutique is extremely popular – and for good reason too. The interior designer hand-cultivates the curated art, fashion and design library, the artisanal furniture and decorative curiosities, unique vintage pieces picked up from her worldly travels and her design collections – all housed in this stylish enclave.

For those of us who LOVE adding just a dash of luxury quirks into our home (and sometimes our offices, too), Kelly Wearstler’s collection is a treasure tome of colour and carefully-styled magic. So, for this week’s design pick, we’ve decided to share some of our favourite objects from Kelly’s home décor line.

Coshamie's Design Pick: Kelly Wearstler home décor

Bejewelled Apatite Mirror (Image Courtesy: Kelly Wearstler)

A perfect complement to style-discerning bathroom, this Bejewelled Apatite Mirror is a super luxe design gem. The brass frame is decorated with hand-set semi-precious stones. The frame finish is manually applied and unlacquered, giving the brass the opportunity to slowly oxidize over time. The mirror frame will develop a rich antiqued lustre over the years. Talk about a stylish future family heirloom…

Coshamie's Design Pick: Kelly Wearstler home décor

Lustre Jewellery Box (Image Courtesy: Kelly Wearstler)

This hand-sculpted, natural bronze and cerused black oak Lustre Jewellery Box is reminiscent of the lush California coastline, perfect for the vanity or bedside table. The handle is cast in bronze from natural pyrite and the interior is lavishly dressed in soft leather.

Curated Gemstone Frame (Image Courtesy: Kelly Wearstler)

Looking at Kelly Wearstler’s overall work, one can notice the recurring use of semi-precious stones and natural materials. This Curated Gemstone Frame is a one-of-a-kind piece, cast in bronze and adorned with varied gemstones for a simply beautiful finish. Given the difference in colour and pattern of each stone, the frame seems to already build a story on top of whatever a photograph might bring with it.

Coshamie's Design Pick: Kelly Wearstler home décor

Serpent Pillow (Image Courtesy: Kelly Wearstler)

The Serpent Pillow is a sleek and minimalistic accent designed for the lounge, the living room or the bedroom – depending on your choice of fabric for each space. Nevertheless, with its snaky shimmering surface and goose-down core, this is the perfect statement layer for the lovers of contemporary chic.

Coshamie's Design Pick: Kelly Wearstler home décor

Acolyte Entertaining Platter (Image Courtesy: Kelly Wearstler)

The contrasting dynamic of black and white is yet another façade of Kelly Wearstler’s signature design, and service platters are no exception. The Acolyte Entertaining Platter is incredibly simple yet sophisticated, hand-carved in negro marquina and white calacatta marble, and finished with pyrite cast in bronze details.

Coshamie's Design Pick: Kelly Wearstler home décor

Pop Vase & Bowl (Image Courtesy: Kelly Wearstler)

Last but certainly not least on our Wearstler shopping list is the Pop Vase, and its smaller counterpart, the Pop Bowl. Once again stemming from the American designer’s love of dramatic contrasts, these spirited ceramic objects are dressed up in generous decorative spheres. Both are perfect as stand-alone pieces as well, literally making any space pop.

Have a look at Kelly Wearstler’s spring collection and shop the look – there is a wide selection of stunning design pieces to choose from, on top of our favourites above.

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