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Instagram has grown tremendously over the past few years, and more and more brands are adopting it as a primary social engagement tool. With the rise of Stories last year, the image-sharing platform has successfully rolled out some serious competition to Snapchat – an app that may or may not be what your design brand needs.

There are 4.2 billion posts liked on Instagram on a daily basis. Yes, you’ve read that right. There are approximately 600 million active users each month, and about 150 million daily users just on Stories – so yes, Instagram is a tool you want to master if you want your design brand to stand out on social.

We’ve gone through the many little tricks that could help you get more out of your Instagram account, from general fixes to finer posting solutions meant to make your social experience better. It’s time to get a bigger piece of Instagram action for your design business.

Design Brands could do with these 10 instagram hacks

Image Courtesy: Instagram


It often happens that you like different things every day on Instagram, but sometimes you do need a little bit of inspiration for your own content, so why not look at what you’ve double-tapped in the past?

Instagram makes it possible for you to see the latest 300 posts that you’ve recently liked. Consider it a good exercise to see what it is that catches your eye.


  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Tap the gear icon on your Apple device or the three dots on Android, to go to Options.
  3. Tap Posts You’ve Liked.

This feature only works in-app, and is not available on the desktop version of Instagram.

Design Brands could do with these 10 instagram hacks



Like most of us, you probably have a few filters that you’re particularly fond of. Furthermore, we do recommend maintaining a visual uniformity on Instagram by using the same filters – consistency is key.

So, why not make it easier to access them first, rather than sliding through all of them each time you post? You can even hide the ones you don’t use at all.


  1. When posting a photo or a video, go to Filter.
  2. Scroll to the end of your filters and tap Manage.
  3. Press and hold the three-line icon next to each filter on the left-hand side of the screen, to rearrange their order.
  4. You can now check or uncheck the circles next to each filter on the right-hand side of the screen, in order to hide or unhide them.
  5. Click Done and there you have it, settings saved!
Design Brands could do with these 10 instagram hacks

Image Courtesy: Hootsuite


Just like Instagram, Pinterest is an extremely visual and powerful social platform – it is, in fact, the first go-to spot for interior designers in search of inspiration. So, yes, re-posting your Instagram content on Pinterest makes all the sense in the world for your design brand.

At the moment, Pinterest isn’t listed as a network choice when sharing a post from Instagram, and you can’t Pin from the post itself either. However, there are two ways in which you can still Pin from within the Instagram app or desktop.

How do you do it on mobile?

  1. Go to the post you want to Pin.
  2. Tap the three dots above your post, to the right.
  3. Select Copy Share URL to copy the post link to your clipboard.
  4. Open the Pinterest app on your mobile device.
  5. Tap on the person icon to visit your own profile.
  6. Then tap the plus sign icon at the top right of your screen to add a new Pin.
  7. Once the Add a board or Pin menu appears, select Copied Link.
  8. Pinterest will automatically open the link from your clipboard.
  9. Choose the image you’d like to Pin and from there on, everything will work out as usual.

How do you do it on desktop?

  1. Visit and find the post you want to Pin.
  2. Right-click on the post and select Open Link in New Window.
  3. Use the Pinterest Browser Button to choose the image you wish to Pin and finish your posting as usual. And done!
Design Brands could do with these 10 instagram hacks

Image Courtesy: Meighan O’Toole


We’re sure you go through Instagram like we do, scrolling through impressive amounts of visuals every day. When you see something you really like, you really wish you could save it for later, right? Well, now you can do that with a little-known feature of Instagram, where you can save posts to an area on your profile that only you can see.

How do you do it?

  1. Go to a post you’d like to save.
  2. Tap the bookmark icon underneath it, on the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. To see your saved posts, visit your profile and tap the matching bookmark icon – you can find it next to the Photos of You
Design Brands could do with these 10 instagram hacks

Image Courtesy: Hootsuite


Didn’t think that was possible, did you? You’re welcome.

How do you do it?

  1. Go to the post you’d like to zoom in on.
  2. Pinch using two fingers.
  3. Enjoy those details leisurely.

Design Brands could do with these 10 instagram hacks



If you want your Instagram to stand out and stop looking like a clunky chunk of text, you can add line breaks to make it look breezy and sleek. Line breaks are a smart hack designed to provide information in a visually attractive manner.

How do you do it?

  1. Open up a Notes app and write out your bio as you would like to see it appear, including line breaks.
  2. Copy the text.
  3. Open the Instagram app on your phone.
  4. Go to your profile.
  5. Tap the Edit Profile
  6. Paste the text from your notes app into the bio field.
  7. Tap Done and that’s it, done!
Design Brands could do with these 10 instagram hacks

Image Courtesy: Hootsuite

SWITCH TO A BUSINESS PROFILE                             

The main reason why you should switch to a business profile if you’ve got a design brand is the fact that you’ll then be able to run ads and get analytics. Instagram launched business profiles last year, and they come with perks aplenty, including a profile CTA, access to insights and paid advertising.

How do you do it?

  1. Go to your profile on Instagram.
  2. Tap the gear icon on Apple or the three dots on Android, for Options.
  3. Select Switch to Business Profile.
  4. Tap Continue at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Instagram will ask you to connect your Facebook account – you’ll need to do that in order to set up your business account on Instagram.
  6. Once you’ve chosen the Facebook Page you want to connect, fill in the information that Instagram requires.
  7. Tap Done and that’s it, your business profile is ready to go!

Design Brands could do with these 10 instagram hacks



Chances are you’ve struggled with Instagram captions like we all did in the beginning. If your captions are too long, you can break them up in order to make them more readable. Believe it or not, it really does help.

How do you do it?

  1. Edit your photo and move on to the caption screen.
  2. Write your “novel” in there.
  3. To access the Return key, tap the 123 key on your device’s keyboard.
  4. Use Return to add breaks to your caption.

The breaks will start a new line, but they won’t create the white space that you’d see between two paragraphs. If you want the paragraph break, you might as well write your caption in a Note app and copy it into Instagram instead. You can also use punctuations or emoticons to hold the place of an “empty” line.

Design Brands could do with these 10 instagram hacks

Image Courtesy: Scott Kelby


It’s a known fact that Instagram displays posts on your profile in a grid format, with three per row. However, not everyone considers putting that layout to work for something bigger.

Whether it’s the “infamous” #triplegram (a series of three related photos posted consecutively to form a full image on a row) or a single photo broken into nine to take over the entire visible space on your profile, this particular hack can help you get more from Instagram’s grid.

How do you do it?

  1. To share a #triplegram, simply post three related images consecutively so they take up an entire row with a single, unified look.
  2. To share a grid post series, try cropping a single image into nine (there are apps for this), and share them in a quick succession.

Design Brands could do with these 10 instagram hacks



Hashtags are an essential feature of Instagram, as they help with your brand’s exposure, making it easier for people with similar interests to find you. It’s basically the best way to reach out to your desired audience on the image-sharing platform.

A minimum of ten hashtags is recommended for increased engagement, but it’s the magic maximum of thirty relevant and popular hashtags that really work the magic. But their presence can make your post look cluttered, maybe even a little needy. So, why not hide them?

There are actually two methods:

  1. Simply leave them out of your caption and put them in a comment below your post. It actually helps improve your post’s visibility in Instagram’s search engine.
  2. Once you’ve got another comment, your hashtags will be tucked away in the comments section.


  1. Another method is to separate your hashtags from the rest of your caption by using a plethora of line breaks.
  2. Just tap the 123 key when you’re composing your caption.
  3. Select Return.
  4. Enter a piece of punctuation (the period or the bullet are more popular options), then hit Return
  5. Do that at least five or six times over.
  6. Instagram hides captions after three lines, so your hashtags won’t be visible unless you tap on the More option of your post.

Design Brands could do with these 10 instagram hacks

And that’s it. Your Instagram should now look cleaner, decluttered, ultra-styled and ready to add more engagement to your design brand.

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