How to use Instagram for Your Interior Design Business Part Two
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Last week, we introduced you to a comprehensive guide on how to best use Instagram for your interior design brand, using series of great resources – including Hubspot and BrandWatch. With 500 million active users on Instagram each month and an estimate of 95 million posts every day, the social network presents immense advertising potential for both corporate and niche brands alike.

How to use Instagram for Your Interior Design Business Part Two

Instagram is essential for a design company’s brand awareness, a great place to showcase your interior projects and objects and, ultimately, a rising star of social and an important part of the user’s journey to your website – exposing your services and products.

Last week, we covered the essentials to building a great Instagram profile and presence – establishing objectives and key metrics, defining value and determining brand guidelines, creating the perfect profile and posts, and understanding the importance of testing, analysing and optimising everything along the way.

How to use Instagram for Your Interior Design Business Part Two


Last summer, Instagram introduced a new feature that is remarkably similar to Snapchat. Instagram Stories was instantly recognised as heavy competition for Snapchat. While traditional Instagram posting is focused on creating picture-perfect content for users to engage with, Stories is about posting quick, transient moments with no concern for over-posting.

How to use Instagram for Your Interior Design Business Part Two

The feature is hosted on a different part of the Instagram platform, living at the top of your feed without interfering with the usual content. Unlike the latter, however, Stories can only be viewed, not liked and commented on.

There’s no real feedback loop but they’re meant to be quick, unfettered bits of content to showcase snapshots of your business. For a more technical insight on Stories, read this article.

How to use Instagram for Your Interior Design Business Part Two


Using the right hashtag that is relevant to your goals, your content and your brand will help promote your images and it will also associate them with trending topics. Interactions are highest on posts with over 11 hashtags. Brand identity can also be successfully exploited with a specific hashtag that you can create for your business. A lot of brands will use their own name as a hashtag – and so should you.

However, make sure you come up with a hashtag that is unique enough to be relevant to your company and not overlap too much with other brands’ posts. You should also follow your hashtag’s evolution and start answering important questions. Is it gaining popularity? Are your followers using the hashtags? Is it gaining you followers?

How to use Instagram for Your Interior Design Business Part Two

Competition by @ShareDesign on Instagram


Contests can support pretty much any endeavour: supporting the launch of a new product, generating attention or building momentum with existing consumers. They’re the best way to expand your reach, engage your community and boost your brand’s popularity.

User generated contests are the best for Instagram. Asking for content enriches the emotional connection between the consumers and your brands. On top of that, running photo and video contests also effectively generates real and authentic marketing content – created by and for consumers. It will spread the campaign’s reach beyond your audience, thus exposing your brand to new users with similar interests.

How to use Instagram for Your Interior Design Business Part Two

User Generated Content Contest by Pepsi

Last year brought many changes, new features and tools to Instagram. From Instagram Stories and the recent introduction of Instagram Live as part of it, to algorithm changes and new external apps like Boomerang, the platform now offers a whole new environment for brands to work with, in terms of social media marketing.

Perhaps one of the more significant changes revolves around algorithms. Previously, Instagram feeds displayed followers’ content in chronological order, with the most recent post at the top. As of 2016, Instagram’s new algorithm shows users content based on their past engagement. Followers who engage with your brand most are more likely to see your posts first.

How to use Instagram for Your Interior Design Business Part Two

Image Courtesy: iMore

Video limits have also increased from just 15 to 60 seconds. This gives brands the opportunity to present more compelling visual content and take social entertainment to a whole new level. At the same time, remember that you don’t have to use all 60 seconds either – people like snackable content, after all.

How to use Instagram for Your Interior Design Business Part Two

Instagram for Business Tools

Most importantly, the platform now offers a business option. The Instagram for Business tool now allows users to turn their regular Instagram account into a business profiles.

Not only it will make it easier for users to identify you as a Business account and contact you directly from the app, it will also give you access to essential Insights and Promote tools, which will certainly help you get the very best out of Instagram.

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