Social Media Case Study - How we used social media to increase revenue for a B2B Interiors Company in 2 weeks
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Social Media Case Study

How we used social media to increase revenue for a B2B Interiors Company in 2 weeks



Masha Shapiro Agency and Coshamie first started working together in spring 2016 for a short trial period meant to evaluate our ability to provide great social media marketing strategy and management services.

Today, MSH Agency continues to work with us in order to build and enhance its brand via digital marketing, social media platforms included. We focus on the organic growth that targets design industry professionals and potential clients through high value content and a comprehensive strategy to increase sales potential.



We had to develop a strong online persona that could interact with interior design industry professionals, in order to help drive sales for the agency’s represented furniture and lighting brands. To do that, we first had to create and publish great content that was relevant to the desired audience – through the blog and via designated social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

MSH Agency was due to exhibit at major industry events such as Maison & Objet in Paris and Salone del Mobile in Milan, hence it needed a vibrant & engaging digital presence that would help nurture potential sales leads. They had the tools they needed, but they required the kind of structure and clarity that a digital professional could provide in order to get the best out of their social media.


We systematically acquired control over MSH Agency’s social media platforms and drafted a comprehensive strategy with relevant content, which we distributed in specific tones of voice and targeted selected audiences on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. For each of these, specific key words and hashtags were incorporated in order to increase impressions and engagement. We reorganised existing visual content on Pinterest and added imagery from the agency’s brands for more relevance, while on Facebook we used a B2C approach.

We used Instagram and Twitter to engage MSH Agency’s desired audiences. We created compelling and attractive blog posts to further promote MSH Agency’s website and services, broadcasting them via social media channels to increase traffic and draw in solid sales leads. We had to use structured content, active engagement with key industry influencers online and constant traffic analysis as part of our strategic approach to the agency’s digital marketing key objectives.  Most importantly, we had to secure a consistent online presence.


After just 2 weeks, the growth we delivered translated into several solid leads, with orders being placed on the stand from both new and returning clients, during Salone del Mobile in Milan. As the agency is now one of our full-time clients, we focus on delivering the same results, through a comprehensive & long-term strategy.

We maintain an active relationship with our client, based on honest and accurate feedback, and we also provide in-depth reporting on a monthly basis, in order to keep track of what works and what needs improvement, as part of our commitment to further increase brand awareness, engagement and sales leads.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you with your online presence and social media management, brand awareness and strategic content, do get in touch and book your free consultation.

We specialise in digital marketing for interior design and contemporary art brands, as well as artists and luxury manufacturers.

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