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A LOOK AT WHAT THE TEFAF ART MARKET REPORT HAS TO SAY FOR 2017: The European Fine Art Foundation, better known as TEFAF, has recently released its art market report – the prime measuring tool to measure the global art market’s health. This year’s edition was spearheaded by Professor Rachel A. J. Pownall and it confirms initial suspicions of a drop in the international art sales, along with a number of positive highlights for specific sub-sectors. Professor Pownall holds the TEFAF Chair in Art Markets at the School of Business Economics of Maastricht University, and the Van Gogh Chair on Art Finance and Museum Management at the TIAS School for Business and Society. According to the report, which was written in partnership with...

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A Re-START of Contemporary Art

EDITORIAL: HOW START FAIR’S EMERGING ARTISTS MIGHT HELP CHANGE THE CONTEMPORARY ART MARKET Six years ago, on 1st July 2010, Charles Saatchi announced his intention to gift over 200 works of art and the Saatchi Gallery to the nation, upon his retirement. The gallery would be renamed MOCA London, which stands for Museum of Contemporary Art, London, a polite nod to MOCA LA – the Californian precursor of contemporary art museums, which had been granted a $30M infusion from its founding chairman, Eli Broad. Mr Saatchi’s decision came on the heels of refusal from Tate Modern’s Sir Nicholas Serota, who had rejected Saatchi’s entire collection donation offer back in 2005. Thus, in the summer of 2010, Tate Modern found itself not only...

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