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THE SWEDISH FAST-FASHION GIANT LAUNCHES A NEW BRAND: H&M has recently announced that they will be launching a new retail brand, called ARKET, a “modern-day market that will offer essential products for men, women, children and home”. Arket will be selling its own products along with a selection of non-H&M brands, and its price range will be higher than that of the group’s standard H&M figures. [caption id="attachment_5491" align="aligncenter" width="520"] Image Courtesy: Arket/H&M[/caption] Ulrika Bernhardtz, Arket’s Creative Director, told Business of Fashion in an interview that “it’s relevant to a modern customer to bring different brands together – under one roof, under one channel”. The brand’s ethos revolves around “timeless, crisp, quality and warmth”. Based on extensive market research, the creatives behind Arket identified a...

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THE LOVE STORY BEHIND RICK OWENS & MICHÉLE LAMY’S ICONIC CREATIONS: On the occasion of Rizzoli’s “Rick Owens: Furniture”, a new book that celebrates Rick Owens and Michéle Lamy’s furniture designs, we figured it would be a good time to look at the remarkable pieces created under the renowned designer’s name. [caption id="attachment_5381" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Magic Mountain Exhibition, Chesa Planta Museum, Switzerland, 2012 (Image Credit: Adrien Dirand)[/caption] The book itself doesn’t just catalogue Rick Owens’ superb furniture, but it also works as a love letter from the designer to his wife and partner, Michéle Lamy. Ms Lamy has recently presented a series of pieces celebrating the book launch at Dover Street Market, along with her new jewellery collection, Hunrod – featuring golden nuggets...

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BRINGING OUT THE VIBRANT PINKS, GREENS AND BLUES FOR THE BOLD INTERIOR: Spring is swiftly rolling into town, as swiftly evidenced by the blossoming trees and golden rays of sunshine – that is, when it’s not all grey and misty like every March in London! But it is with great optimism that we welcome the new season and embrace the dazzling array of colours that it often brings along. In that spirit, we’ve turned to Matthew Williamson’s electric collection of furniture, a vibrant palette of pinks, turquoise greens and deep blues that turn any interior into a stylish statement. We’d normally have to settle for one product to talk about, but Williamson’s collection is so rich and beautiful, we had a hard...

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REDEFINING THE WAY WE LOOK AT SURFACE DESIGN: During our visit at the Surface Design Show this year, we stumbled upon Sterling Studios – a brand of specialist artisans who bring applied arts to interior design by combining classic techniques with modern technology. The studio produces a variety of surface designs, including etched glass and Verre Eglomisé, the latter a beautiful romantic gilt and reverse painted glass originating from 18th century France. [caption id="attachment_4897" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Image Courtesy: Sterling Studios[/caption] Known for their superb bespoke decorative finishes and artworks in a multitude of mediums including glass, lacquer, paint, resin, metal and plaster, Sterling Studios bring their old-age craft to contemporary high end interior designs. [caption id="attachment_4908" align="aligncenter" width="500"] The London Edition Hotel by Yabu...

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COMBINING SOFT FORMS WITH TREASURES OF THE EARTH: After catching the spotlight at last year’s Maison & Objet Americas as a Rising Talent, Samuel Amoia’s designs continue to surprise and inspire with a blend of soft lines and rough, crushed minerals in the form of contemporary furnishings that speak up and demand attention. [caption id="attachment_4746" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Dover Street NY Collaboration (Image Courtesy: Samuel Amoia Associates)[/caption] The Drums, in particular, stand out. Simple in their design but eloquent and loving towards the Earth itself, the Drums are made with a multitude of materials otherwise reserved for contemporary art installations and sculptures – sculpted cast bronze, delicate shades of agate and plaster, opal stone, Indian blue calcite and black tourmaline, African blue sodalite, Congolese...

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